It is prayer that initiated this movement, and it is prayer that will guide it till the end.


This site was launched end 2016, when water from all over the Netherlands was collected in a water ceremony at the foot of the Peace Palace, the seat of The International Court of Justice in The Hague in solidarity with the water protectors of the Lakota Sioux tribe at Standing Rock,and thus connected to all indigenous peoples on this planet : MNI WICONI! Water is Life!

From all directions water came to this place, where the original copy of the “U.N. Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People” is kept. And finally the water flowed to the sea, carrying all our intentions.

25 August 2021, at 5:00 p.m. we were here again: ‘Rise for the Earth, standing with the guardians of the Amazon’

We realize we are tapping in on a huge wave in the movement of movements. Rising for Life floods the Earth, and we are rising with it!

13 September 2021, 15.00 – 18.00, we will stand again at the seat of the International Court of Justice.

This day, commemorating that 24 years ago the UN declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was signed, we call for the IMPLEMENTATION.

Stand with us, in ceremony, we pray, we sing, we dance!!! you can register here if you want to participate at the Peace palace, because we need to know how many people are coming, due to permission of the municipality.

If you like to zoom in with your own local ceremony, so we will be like a web of ceremonies you can register here

United in Spirit!

Still standing we respond to the cry for help that reaches us from the heart of the Amzone rainforest: “Facing viruses, invaders, companies, politicians, and projects that kill us, our fight is still for life RISE FOR THE EARTH!!!!”

Read here the manifest of the Apib for the rights on life and land for indigenous peoples

The 25th of August in the Supreme Court of Brazil started a row of law cases, accumulating in the case of PL490, a draconian law, which outlaws the peoples of the rainforest and gives the rainforest free to mining, monoculture and logging companies. We stand up for Life, shoulder to shoulder, with the guardians of the Amazon Rainforest, and the Judges to send them our support, love, clarity of mind and confidence that the Judges will make the right decision, which is necessary to protect life!

I register for participation in the ceremony at the Peace Palace

I register our own ceremony here

Water is Life

We ask for clarity, steadfastness and inspiration to stand also in our personal lives for the protection of the water, the protection of the earth and the healing of the disease that destructive projects give so much space worldwide.

In a world that should be preparing to receive the children of the generations to come.

Shoulder to shoulder with the Original Peoples of Mother Earth, we humbly take our place again as guardians of the earth, and combine our energy during our ceremonies precisely here to support that the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People is conscious, carried and implemented.

UNESCO : “It is in the thinking of man that war begins, and it is in the thinking of man that the blueprint of peace should be built.”

Water is Sacred