W e answer to the call of the Indigenous Peoples

Probably Standing Rock was a turning point in human history. The Lakota gecommunity, the Great Sioux Nation, in North Dakota came together to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline . Their call prompted the First Nations of Turtle Island to unite as one Nation, and a global wake up call went around, raising awareness around the world of the need to stand up for life and protect the water: Wni Mconi

……and now the call sounds from South America, from the Amazon Rainforest, where the tribes are uniting into one people: RISE FOR THE EARTH!!!!!

In this manifesto, we make public our concerns, complaints and claims in the expectation and
confidence of being heard, respected and having our demands accomplished. We call on the
entire Brazilian society and the international community to resonate with this urgent message,
and to join forces in our struggles for justice and rights, which are legitimate claims and,
foremost, of global interest.”    Apib manifest : Rise for the Earth

To answer this call, we will stand in front of the Peace Palace again August 25, 2021.

Here you can read the information needed to participate in the world wide ceremony

That day, in the Supreme Court of Brazil, the hearing of the PL490 law begins, which includes a serious threat to the survival of the Amazon forest and its inhabitants

The call goes out to ALL the children of Earth to take their place as guardians of the Earth

Just as the “water protectors” rose up not only to stop the pollution of the Missouri River, but inseparably to reclaim respect for their sacred sites and territories, all over the world our indigenous brothers and sisters are rising up under ever-increasing pressure to protect their sacred sites, to keep the regions where they live clean and safe, and to protect their way of life, which is rooted in deep relationships with their ancestors and ancestral culture: “It is a prayer that initiated this movement, and prayer will guide it until the end. To protect the water, we must remain peaceful and prayerful.”

August 25 between 17.00 and 20.00 (amsterdam time) we come together and make circles: on the square in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, and at many other locations.

We are pooling our attention and directing it to the judges of the Supreme Court of Brazil and to the “Rise for the Earth” camp that the indigenous people of Brazil have established there, and thus to everything and everyone connected with the consequences of the ruling in this trial.

We are co-creating a digital live zoom YouTube broadcast through which we will also physically connect with the people in front of the Supreme Court in Brazil, and with each other, so that a living network that spans the earth will be visible, but above all tangible, audible; support for our family in Brazil, so that they feel supported and heard: they are not alone!!!!!

“Rise for the Earth, standing with the guardians of the Amazon”

Everyone can join, wherever you are, alone, with a group, in a forest, in the courthouse square in your town, on the bank of a river, in a meaningful location, at home, wherever.

To put your ceremony/manifestation in our web, register your location here: Rise for the Earth, standing with the guardians of the Amazon

Our vision applies to all peoples of all continents, regardless of their belief in the Creator, to come together as one, to connect with each other at Sacred Places, to pray, to meditate, to promote a shift of energy, to heal our Mother Earth and achieve universal awareness for peace.

“All we have is Unity, the kind that comes only from peace and prayer.” (Dave Archambault II, Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)